Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mom and friends, 1939

The back of this photo says "On the Catalina" and "OCT 1939".  That summer, mom and friends (in a tour group) took the train across the country to the World's Fair in San Francisco.  The story mom told about it was that she really wanted to go, but didn't have the money ($200.00).  Her dad, not wanting her to miss the opportunity, said, "Borrow the money--just GO!"  Mom said she was forever grateful that he insisted.

"The milling thousands laugh and play!"

I think those 4 women stayed friends for years--certainly, they visited every once in awhile, because I remember this picnic, and that Marjorie Albright brought chocolate covered donuts ☺.  (I think she's second from the left in the lower half of the photo below...and I think that link HAS to be her). 
Actually, I'm hoping that someone will google "Marjorie Albright" and see the photos.  Maybe well be able to figure out who all three were for sure.  I think the woman next to mom at the picnic was Flora...?

(Right) The tour group with chaperones.  Notice how all of 'em have swollen ankles from wearing heels and sitting on the train? Whew.

(Left) Clowning in the Grand Canyon ☺
Marion emailed to say she remembered Flora's last name, and that sparked a memory for me.  I think the four women were:
Thanks, Newb!!

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